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At Metal Chop Saws USA we understand that not all our customers are alike. We have some customers who understand all of the technical nuances of power tools and have the capability of opening their new package and doing everything themselves. We also have customers who are completely new to owning and using power tools and we know that the experience can be intimidating and that some of our customers will need a fair amount of hand holding. We work to cater to all those savvy customers, all the “newbies” and everyone in between.

24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support:
Metal Chop Saws USA is an international power tool distributing company with a full service support department. We have support representatives available by email 24x7x365 at

Hiring And Training The Right People:
It takes a special type of person to be able to provide high quality and friendly internet sales of power tools and support. The person must be knowledgeable in all the technical aspects of our inventory as well as the particular differences in the products we provide. In addition our service representatives must have patience and must be able to communicate in the simplest terms to customers who lack technical expertise.

We hire only English speaking customer technical representatives. We understand that communication between our technical staff and our customers regarding some of the technical aspects of their tools can be difficult. We feel that communication must be done in English, as most of our customers are English speaking customers first. All of our technical staff are located in North America.

Our training procedures are very important. All of our service personnel are must be able to communicate effectively regarding all of the services we provide. Our service agents undergo training and mentoring by our managers and more experienced staff.

The Three Layers Of Support:
There are really 2 types of customer support that we provide, communication support and technical support. We have divided the work flow between 3 technical support groups so that each group can focus on the areas that they are best able to support clients. Items that are better handled by representatives with more experience are pushed up to those higher level queues. This allows a more streamlined workflow for our service agents and a faster response time for our customers. 

Quality Information:
In the area of communication to our clients many of our clients rely on the information we have on site in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to be able to handle certain actions themselves. In addition we have within cPanel a set of step by step walk through video tutorials which assist our clients with learning things that they can do within cPanel to enhance their web sites.

Conclusion – Our Customer Support
At Metal Chop Saws USA we know customer support is a huge part of the satisfaction of our clients experience with our company. We focus heavily in this area to make sure that we have friendly, qualified English speaking technicians to assist our clients, 24x7x365. We also make sure that we have systems in place to expedite information to our clients so that we may provide them with correct information or resolve any of their issues quickly and effectively.